For 30 days...
What are you going to eat?
What are you going to think?
How will you move your body?

First day:

Ask yourself the most important question of the day, “What do I want for a body?”.

Your vision will pop up in your mind.  See it like you already have succeeded and have your desired weight. Even if you don’t believe right now that it is possible, see it anyway, as if you already have it.  This is the body you really really want, your Dream Body. Be specific.

You are more than a number on the scale. So get yourself all decked out in how you really want to look and how you want to be. It is a fun way to start.

Before we all thought…“oh I should go on a diet…but... Now this time your decision will predict whether you will really go all the way, and YOU CAN!! You know what you want, and you have your vision of exactly your heart’s desire.  NOW MAKE A DECISION TO HAVE IT.


Here is what you will eat today:

Three handfuls of carbs!

Yes!  The war against carbs is over!
Handfuls mean, your hand is full and overflowing.  I don’t mean scant!
Four handfuls of fruits works best.  Three to five makes it flexible, and five is even better than four.  You decide, and by the end of this first week you will already have lost three pounds.

Four handfuls of veggies!

Including all veggies, salads, warm and cold veggies.  Three to five is the rule of thumb. Five is the absolute best and you will lose weight faster than if you eat four or three.

One portion of protein!

Chicken, turkey, fish, salmon, tofu or eggs a day.

Two fingers of fat!

One finger size, chocolate for example if that is your pleasure, and a spoonful of oil, olive or any oil of your choice.

*Other milk products choose the low fat or no fat, you already know that one.


Now make a plan:

For example... 

One handful of cereal and low fat milk. Two handfuls of fruit eaten before the mid day, bananas are good with cereal or a handful of toast, (2 slices).

Mid Day:
One handful of carbs such as rice, potatoes, noodles, tortillas. One portion of protein at the mid day or save it until evening. Two handfuls of veggies, soups with veggies, salads, all together is gives two heaping handfuls.

Two handfuls of fruits in the afternoon.

One handful of carbs, two handfuls of veggies, salad, of any kind. And three handfuls is even better to complete five handfuls for this day. 

After Dinner:  
One handful fruit.

That’s it. You have enough food so that you are satisfied. This is no DIET!
You are on your way!!

Stay off the scale until you have five days under your belt so to speak!   Then stand on the scale to your delight.

DO NOT EAT LESS.  This is about burning all the food you are eating every single day.