"The Swiss Chocolate Diet is a culmination of all of my learning and teachings, and I am proud to share it with you." - MB

Mary Bray is the author of five books on health, stress and wellness, including her Swiss best seller, Fur Immer Schlank (Forever Slim)



Mary Bray, MA has worked with chronic pain, alcoholism and other addictions. She has written four books on weight loss and freeing yourself from guilt.

Participants in her seminars are always motivated and enthused by her recordings on hypnosis and weight loss. She spent 20 years inspiring the women of Switzerland and America to lose weight, and keep it off.

She has studied with Deepak Chopra, MD and given seminars on wellness in both the US and Europe. She is Swiss and American, speaks the German language fluently, and presents seminars in the German and English languages.



It started when I noticed that my legs were twice the size of everyone else’s in the sixth grade!

My mom and all her sisters were morbidly obese,  five of them, and they all lamented and talked together wishing they were not fat. Interestingly enough, none of them had a clue as to how to remedy the misery they all felt. So they put up with it for life. My mom said at the end of her life, “There is one thing I regret in my life, and that is that I am and always have been, FAT.  I’m sure, when I think about it that Mabel, God rest her soul was always lurking around the 200 pound mark, give or take. She gave love in an old Norwegian fashion by baking cookies for everyone in the neighborhood, and then some.

Mabel’s Russian Tea Cakes were renown, as were her Snickerdoodles and Molasses cookies….to die for!
Half of Minneapolis were rewarded, soothed, healed, cajoled,…….with Mabel’s cookies, andGooey cakes. She had Seven Minute Frosting and the bundt cake down!

So in my teenage years, traumatic as they are, I rewarded myself, soothed and healed my emotions with …………. Of course, Mabel’s Sweets, not to mention when I was feeling turbulent, angry, disappointed, frustrated, it was off the the kitchen to raid the ice box. There was always ample amounts with which to sooth the aching soul.

I was the only one on the local department store teen counsel who wore a size 18. They had to special order the uniform. Needless to say I was totally humiliated, and like my family, had no clue as to any kind of a remedy. I thought I was Fat For Life.

My dream at the time was to become a Flight Attendant. I had to wait until I was nineteen years old. At nineteen and a half I filled out the papers to apply and noticed that I couldn’t weigh more than 130 pounds. Oh, my God, I thought, I will have to starve for a few weeks in order to apply. So I got ahold of some water pills and a bunch of diet pills. The night before the interview I managed to take a laxative, just to be sure!  Still didn’t have a clue as to what to eat or not eat.

I was flown to Dallas Texas to fly with Braniff Airlines and stood on their scale at 137.  They said I had two more weeks until I could be accepted at 130. So I did more of the same starvation for two weeks andsure enough made the weigh-in.

These weigh-ins would continue once per month for the next two years. One time I had even regained weight and I was grounded until I lost the pounds again.  I did the yo-yo dieting every month!

Two years later I got married, had three sons over the next eight years and got fatter and fatter with every pregnancy.



Now here comes the good part!
I was attending the University of Houston while raising my sons.  I was, and still am, interested in the connection between mind and body. Every thought has a response in the body, and the opposite is also true, every bodily feeling, whether, pain, or joy or even goose bumps, gives rise to thought.  So if we are feeling really good about some event or person, for example, we can feel it in our hearts where all the feelings are. If we are frustrated or angry we may feel it in our neck or back as if the world is just too much on our shoulders.

I was learning that our thoughts can have a profound effect on our bodies. At the headache clinic I learned that by doing biofeedback, we can actually warm our hands, rerouting our blood flow from our aching heads back into our hands by thinking thoughts of warming.

So one day while I was working in a chronic pain hospital, a thought occurred to me: Could it ever be possible to lose weight with a mind and body method?  I asked the Doctors working there on my team and they said,  “YES!”.