What is the significance of chocolate anyway? 

pile of chocolates to show as snacks

It gives pleasure. It is a reward. It is intimacy which we all want and need. It is a symbol of love. According to the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland, the study of chocolate provides evidence that a daily consumption of 1.4 ounces during a period of two weeks is sufficient to modify the metabolism of healthy human volunteers, and reduced the levels of stress hormones in highly stressed people.

Chocolate and many other food items you crave during a traditional diet are ultimately responsible for the undoing of your planned weight loss.

You are going to eat from every food group, carbohydrates for energy, fruits and vegetables for all the vitamins you need plus elimination and metabolism, etc, and chocolate and your other cravings are your reward.



It doesn't work with food alone! The training for lasting weight loss comes from inside yourself.

size comparison of amount of lasagna to baseball

Once you know what you want for an end result, and you make the decision to have it, in any thing you do, the learning takes place until you get what you want. 

There are many steps in between. For example: taking a time out for yourself to make a daily decision to continue. And why? Because a daily plan seals the decision. Not a rigid plan that is beyond imagination, but within reason to reconnect with yourself and what you really want. You bring your dream to consciousness every single day.